Subject: Love the site

Please keep it up! I'm yet another reformed, recovering Christian who needs to see that there are those with a voice of reason out there. I'm asking you (begging, pleading even) to post more and more often.

By the way, I would love to hear your take on the story of Lot.

Hi Morgan,
Sorry I haven't posted more-- I'm trying to free up more time for me to work on the site.
I wasn't planning on posting anything about Lot, but I would highly recommend Brad Neely's hilarious video: The Professor Brothers - Bible History #1


Subject: What happened...

....after the dead were raised up by Christ? Did they get new jobs? How did they look? Did they remarry and have zombie children?
Lots of loose threads here, Fred.
Hopefully somebody will re-edit this piece so it flows better.
I know of a couple enrobed pedophiles who should be up to the task. Just call the Pope for the numbers.

If my knowledge of zombie invasions serves me correctly, the dead probably crowded around the Jerusalem shopping mall, with a ragtag group of determined survivors trapped inside.


Subject: Happy fun time fan mail

I was randomly introduced to your website via the zombies picture. I spent a few minutes exploring the (unfortunately) limited content and came to the conclusion that if I were female I'd have your babies.

I don't know if you take requests with regards to content at all, but I do have a couple of favorites for amusement. Most of the oppressively religious folk I know are female, which leads to some quiet hysteria on my part, considering the biblical valuation of women. I've even had to resort to quoting book and verse on occasion to silence some of the more vocal proponents of that particular deity, oft falling back on my standby of 1 Timothy 2:12. I would certainly love to see your reflections on that particular topic.

Subject: LOVE IT

Hey Fred,

I found your site a while back while stumblin around the internet and IMMEDIATELY liked it. I would go back weekly to see if any new items were posted or parts of your site started, but sadly they were all "coming soon." BUT soon has come and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

Loyal Fan,

Subject: Thank you sir.

Just writing to let you know your website was very informative (not to mention very pretty, and free of common spelling errors). Your graphics are hilariously awesome. Your domain name is also hilariously awesome. Please keep updating.


Subject: omg

Hey Fred,
I am a Jesus-follower, and I think your site is hilarious.

I do foresee you getting alot of traffic from asshole christians (not all are), and I'd like to apologize in advance for them.

I do admit, I am not really sure what to do with your statements about having been, and no longer being, christian.

Also, I noticed that you translated from the Septuagint. You read greek? Wow. Where did you learn?


thank you for making my day.


Subject: Love the blog

Hi Fred

I stumbled across your blog today and was seriously disappointed that there wasn't more to read! I'm a super slack blogger myself, so I know how life has a tendency of getting in the way. But seriously, keep it up. I'm on still on a mission to read the entire bible, I keep getting bogged down, but this has inspired me to look a little deeper.



Hi Helen,

Glad you like the site. I just made a new post:

I would definitely encourage you to read the whole Bible. One mistake, though, that I made when I first read the Bible while I was a Christian was that I didn't read any ancient writings outside of the Bible to put it into context. I would recommend, for example, reading Irenaeus' "Against Heresies", written in 180 AD, to get an idea of the diversity of early Christianity, as opposed to the biblical writings that got selected by the one sect that became dominant. Also, a good source of an ancient non-Christian perspective on Christianity would be the philosopher Porphyry, who wrote a 15-volume work called "Against the Christians" in the 3rd century AD. All copies of the book were burned, but there are quotes of it that survive:

I'd also recommend these video courses that Yale University has put online:


Subject: Bibletastic

Dear Fred,
Since starting College (here at the University of Iowa) Iíve also parted ways from my Christian upbringing. I was turned to your site through a friendís wall post. Just though I would send you a letter of appreciation. Your site makes me smile and gives me more to laugh about when I remember my past (and for that matter, the antics of the students around me!) Great Job!

Also, you may get some amusement from these links. I certainly did.
and it is compulsory to mention this when on the subject of religion:

Thanks for your work!

Subject: Love the site!

I just wanted to say I love the site very simple and to he point. I was curious how long this site has been up and how often it gets updated with new material?

Subject: love your site,

I stumbled ( onto your image of zombies climbing out of the ground and then checked out the rest of your site. Love it!

I was sent to 12 years of catholic school and had all these AP classes... and religion. I also played tenor sax for 3 years and worked all 4 on stage crew, which had no moderator because we forced him out. (He was an asshole priest who smoked backstage; when asked not to smoke back stage because there was lots of flammable material, he replied, 'fuck you, ok?')

So yeah uh back in about 1st grade when they started making all these outrageous claims about god is when I started questioning it.

however I do appreciate the fact my mother sent 4 kids (me being the youngest) through 12 years of catholic school because there's no doubt in my mind it was better than any public school education I would have gotten in Philadelphia.

Take care, I'll be checking on your site from time to time, that image of the zombies crawling out of the ground is awesome.

"Everyone is born atheist until they're converted against their will and long before they're old enough to make an informed decision on their own."


Subject: looking forward to more

I am looking forward to your continued efforts at building your site. I find that I am always shocked at the notion of the vengeful God that urges entire cities to be slain, without mercy shown even to infants suckling their mothersí breasts. I think itís in Leviticus, but I am mostly a Bible-avoider, so I could be wrong. also, to me, the notion of a God that demands worship is tantamount to the behavior of a child. it escapes me why the Creator of the Universe would be so paranoid about His power that He would need to be egotistical. at any rate, as I have said before ĎI am prepared to believe in whatever God I meet in the Afterlife.í until then- no God for me.



Subject: Site suggestion


First off, great site! I really like your funny posters. I just discovered your site recently and I thank Yahweh for guiding me to it. :)

I'd like to make a suggestion though. I think it would be great if your site would have an RSS/newsfeed. It'll make it easier for your site visitors to know when you have new content. If it's not too hard to implement, it would really be a convenience for us.


Ipsa scientia potestas est

Subject: To all requesting an RSS feed

Ask and ye shall receive:

The feed should be working now. Thanks for the suggestion.


Subject: Bibletastic

Good for you Fred - really enjoyed your website and have forwarded it to others. I started out as a Mormon - you might also enjoy Bill Maher's "Religulous", and some of Sam Harris's books as well.


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